World’s Best Designed Websites 2017


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Phase 1: Invitation for Nominations

We are putting together a brand new list of the TEN best-designed websites for 2017, and we want YOUR suggestions!

This is a great opportunity to get exposure for any site you think deserves to serve as an example of the most effective design. The final list of winners will get great exposure, so make sure your favourite site is in there!

Here are the rules…

  1. Nomination window closes on 31st July 2017.
  2. The single factor we’re using for judging “best-designed” is that the site solves the selling problem in an elegant way. So we’re looking for effective communication that engage people and ultimately inspire some kind of shift or action.
  3. You can nominate any website, including your own site or a site you’ve designed.
  4. This year, the process for nominations is to create a very short video or screencast (less than 3 minutes preferred), where you walk us through the website and highlight the features you think make it outstanding. This needs to be posted online (e.g. YouTube) and include a link back to this page to tell visitors where to see the results.
  5. The Web Design from Scratch editorial team will review all submissions and post our own video with the results.

When you have posted your nomination video online, use this form to enter.

If your nomination is one of the winners, even if it is not one of your own, you can get recognition for your nomination.

We’re looking forward to seeing your sites!
Ben & team

Notes & Guidance

  • Design is the process of coming up with a solution to a problem. So a well-designed site does not need to be radically original or unique – it must simply demonstrate a communication solution that is elegantly fit-for-purpose.
  • So the winning sites will not necessarily be highly graphical or artistic.
  • We’re open to nominations for all kinds of sites, from sales and marketing to web-based applications.